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  •  With this coaching program, you secure access to your own personal “coach in your corner.” Your coach is there for you during the scheduled monthly sessions and throughout the month. 
  •  Along with coaching, you will receive your Thriving Practice plan. This personal plan is a document that is created for you by your coach that captures your priorities, tracks your objectives, charts the strategies you are focused on, and lists the action you are committed to taking.
  •  Exclusive weekly online communications with your coach are there to help you maintain your focus and momentum, stay accountable to your intentions, and start and end your weeks on a high note!
  •  Invitations to the exclusive client webinars with your coach on practice management and Thriving Practice mindset topics provides still more insights and strategies for exploration in the coaching program.
  •  Access to a confidential private client portal with accountability metrics, and a library of additional resources. 
What Distinguishes the Thriving Practice Coaching Program?
There are many coaches but there is only one Thriving Practice Coaching Program
Coach in your corner. This program is about having a coach in your corner throughout the month with scheduled calls and emergency access when you need it.  
Training. This program teaches key thriving practice mindsets and strategies for applying to your work and life. This program recognizes you don't have time to read a whole lot of books or attend conferences.  We provide what you need in exclusive client-only webinars that you can attend live or watch later as a recording.
On-line support.  Clients are given access to an exclusive and confidential client site.  This site gives you access to the Thriving Practice Blueprint your coach develops with you, your on-going action plan, assessment tools, resources, and metrics tracking for supporting your accountability.

Allison Wolf is one of the most senior coaches for lawyers in North America. She has helped countless clients over the past fifteen years develop thriving legal practices and before that served as director of legal marketing for award-winning law firms. 

Allison received her Certified Executive Coach qualification from Royal Roads University in 2004 and followed this with life coach training with Martha Beck. She  is a member of the International Coach Federation and American Bar Association, and a frequent writer and presenter for legal organizations, media, and law firms. Allison is Co-Chair of the inaugural "Women Thriving in Law" Conference scheduled held May 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

Allison's specialty is uncovering the thinking traps and gaps holding her clients back and helping them acquire the mindsets, skills, strategies, and habits for growing successful and rewarding legal practices.

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Who is the Thriving Practice Program for?
The Thriving Practice Coaching Program is for attorneys in private practice or in-house who are seeking to thrive in their work and personal lives.

There are three areas of focus to choose from: business development, career, practice management.

The private one-to-one coaching, private client portal, accountability tools and additional webinars and resources are designed to equip you to meet the challenges and pressures of legal practice head-on and to advance your goals. 

The Thriving Practice Coaching Program will help you develop mindsets, habits, skills, and strategies that will support your growth.

Are you...

Tired of returning home each night late and feeling depleted?

Wishing to tune up or add new practice management skills?

Feeling uncertain about what is going to be the best step forward in your career?

Or maybe you...

Want to bring in your own clients?

Think you could benefit from having an accountability partner?

Do you...

Want an insightful and experienced thinking partner who understands the challenges of legal practice to bounce ideas off in confidence?

Coaching provides confidential and experienced support to help you do your best thinking, and provide you with insights and action steps to move your forward. A coach is 100% on your team with no agenda except to help you reach your goals.

As one client recently commented: “I appreciate the way Allison can pick up on what’s bothering me and allow me to let it out. In law, we’re so restricted in terms of confidentiality, so it really helps to be able to talk to someone.
What Clients Say About Working With Allison
"a top notch advisor"
"she helps me build resilience"

What does thriving mean to you? 

Is it engaging in the professional pursuits that most energize and interest you while steadily growing your revenue? 

Is it about having a richly satisfying personal life while also enjoying an engaging and profitable professional practice? 

Working with clients and colleagues who you enjoy? 

Or is it having a sense of confidence in your abilities and those of your team?

This is the future that we are focused on in the Thriving Practice Program.

Your coach, Allison Wolf, is a truth teller. 

She is completely committed to being open, honest, and transparent with you. 

It is said that “the truth will set you free” and we believe that to be true. It is only by shining a light on your strengths as well as where and how you are getting in your way that positive change will occur.

Month by month, win by win, you will up your game by making small shifts in your mindsets, habits, and actions that over time add up to significant advancements. 

Thriving Practice coaching is about keeping it simple and focusing on the small and precise next step, so you don’t get bogged down or overwhelmed as you advance towards your Thriving Practice future.

The Thriving Practice Program is designed for busy legal professionals. 

We have no illusions about the demands of legal practice. For our clients, legal practice isn’t merely a job it’s a calling. 

We know that every day you deal with an overflowing plate of work, demanding clients, and sudden emergencies. If change is going to happen, it needs to happen in the midst of all the action.

The shift to thriving has to start with where you are today

We make that happen with the monthly in-depth coaching sessions and the availability of the coach to connect with you at the moment when you need it. 

The actions you will take are designed to be small and precise next steps that you can manage even with your busy schedule. 

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More client comments...

Managing Partner, Regional Law Firm

For me, after 25 years of practice, I need fresh ideas, encouragement, and someone to hold me to account. Allison does all of that. If there is something getting in the way of your practice objectives, you might want to try a coach who is used to spotting the real issues. You might be surprised at what they are. From there your strategy will be on solid ground.

Partner, Boutique Law Firm

Allison has been a fantastic resource for me moving from being a mid-level associate focused on file management to a senior position involved in file generation, leadership, and overall career planning. It has been a journey of both personal and professional development. Allison’s coaching style provides a relationship that empowers and supports me as a professional and holds me accountable for progress towards my goals. She balances accountability with understanding the nature of a busy practice.

Partner, Regional Law Firm:

I really like how Allison is able to cut through the BS to get to the heart of things.

Associate, Litigation:

The benefits I draw from the coaching program with Allison are:   

Getting helpful, individualized advice for setting goals.   

Getting concrete suggestions for how to meet my goals.  

Having periodic meetings with her helps keep me accountable and on track to meet my goals Getting sincere support and encouragement from her helps motivate me to be successful and helps me stay positive when I have the inevitable “I hate my job!” days.

Partner, IP Firm

Having a person who could act as an independent sounding board and guide was invaluable in helping me work through an extremely difficult decision as to the appropriate work/firm environment for me.

Despite an outwardly very successful career, I was so burned out in the rut in which I had found myself that a career at Starbucks was only half-jokingly on my list of possibilities.  

Along the way, Allison also helped me to develop some new skills that have been invaluable in making my decision a successful one, and her practice management and business development tips have helped to ensure that my personal practice is growing in a good way.  Sorry Starbucks but I am sticking with the practice of law!

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